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Applix Announces "L.P.D." for Users of 3Com Palm Computing Connected Organizers

Applix Announces "L.P.D." for Users of 3Com� PalmTM Computing� Connected Organizers

First Application for Applix' Open Source SHELF toolset

Westboro, MA, April 20, 1999 -- Applix, Inc. (NASDAQ:APLX),a leader in decision support applications for Linux and UNIX workstations, announced today that the company is launching L.P.D., a Linux based PalmTM Computing� platform organizer desktop application which integrates information from the Palm Computing� family of connected organizers onto the Linux desktop.

The application, L.P.D., which is released under the GPL public license, offers Linux users the ability to access, through their Linux desktop, information stored on their Palm handheld Computing� devices. The first release of the product concentrates on the ability to view and search data created in the PalmTM Desktop Software, which includes the Address Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, Date Book and Expenses applications. This data can optionally be further integrated into Applix' commercial Applixware Office Suite, providing full scale word processing, spreadsheeting and emailing capabilities.

"Compatibility with all desktop computing platforms has always been imperative to Palm Computing," said Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, Director Platform Development Services for Palm Computing, a 3Com company. "By extending our platform to the Linux desktop environment, Applix is extending the capabilities of our products to an important and rapidly growing base of new customers. This application further builds on our leadership as the most open handheld computing platform in the industry."

"3Com's Palm Computing platform products seem to be the number one choice in PDAs for the Linux user," said Richard Manly, Director of Product Management & Marketing for Applix' Linux Division. "It was this reason why we chose L.P.D. to be our first open source SHELF application. By creating and offering software that enables users to access their data directly from the Linux desktop, we are again providing a solution that enables our customers to be more productive using Linux computers."

L.P.D. was developed using Applix SHELF, an Open Source Visual Development Tool, which includes an object oriented, visual development toolset and runtime environment. Both L.P.D. and SHELF are freely downloadable and will enable developers in the Open Source community to contribute to the further development of the L.P.D. interface, and to write additional applications that integrate PalmTM organizer data into the Linux environment.

Future releases of L.P.D. will include support for adding, deleting and synchronizing data with PalmTM organizers.

L.P.D. and SHELF are available from the company's website at

About 3Com

With more than 200 million customers worldwide, 3Com Corporation connects more people to information in more ways than any other networking company. 3Com delivers innovative information access products and network system solutions to large, medium and small enterprises; carriers and network service providers; PC OEMs; and consumers. 3Com - More connected.� For further information, visit 3Com's press site at

About Applix, Inc.

Applix, Inc. (NASDAQ:APLX), headquartered in Westboro, Mass., develops, markets and supports web-based, front office business solutions, which allow organizations to improve decision-making and corporate productivity. The Front Office Business Solutions include the Applix iCustomer.Advantage suite of thin-client Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and real-time Business Intelligence applications: Applix iEnterprise, Applix iHelpDesk and Applix iTM1. In addition to its Front Office Business Solutions, Applix also provides a set of Decision Support applications, consisting of Applixware and Applix Anyware products. The Company's products are available on a variety of software platforms, including Windows, Windows NT, UNIX and Linux environments. More information can be found at and

Notes to Investors

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