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iTM1 and the Year 2000

We at Applix are aware of concerns with potential problems many software applications face with the upcoming turn of the century - to wit, the "Year 2000/Y2K" issue.

iTM1 products use the date handling procedures of the host environment for most of their date handling. iTM1 products do, however, have several date-related rules functions. We have tested all of these rules functions, and have corrected all errors located in such tests. In accordance with the Sun Software Y2000 Developer's Guide, "a product certified as being year 2000 compliant will not produce errors in date data related to the year change from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000 and date representation by the product will be accurate into the future, until the year 2037."

Information on the specific use of the iTM1 date-related functions (specifically: DATE, DATES, DAYNO, NOW, TIMST, TIMVL, and TODAY) is available in the appropriate TM1 user's manuals.

For further details, read iTM1 Year 2000 Details

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues of date-handling and Year 2000 compliance for any of Applix's products, please contact Applix Customer Support at (508) 870-0300 extension 686.

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