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iTM1 for Financial Applications

The Best OLAP Engine for Financial Applications… Period

Authorities with more than a decade of OLAP experience consider iTM1 the best technology for financial decision support applications. the OLAP Report first discovered iTM1 in 1995, calling it "a well kept secret." Since that "discovery," the market has confirmed the unmatched strengths of iTM1 as the foundation for financial decision support applications. Comshare, a leader in high-end, financial decision support applications has adopted iTM1 technology. More...

Core Financial Decision Support Applications in Global Corporations

Many of the largest and most demanding corporations in the world have eliminated the delays and tedium associated with these critical enterprise financial applications. More...

More than 3,300 iTM1 customers are passionate about iTM1. To find out about the difference iTM1 made to them, check the iTM1 Case Studies.

Strategic OLAP Applications Supported by iTM1 Technology

Business knowledge and conceptual models for gaining strategic and tactical advantage have existed for years. However, there was no suitable technology to accommodate their underlying multidimensional structure and closed loop, read/write requirements. iTM1 is designed for these applications and requires no knowledge of the technology. All you need to do powerful work is knowledge of your business - customer/product/promotion profitability, strategic scenario planning, activity based costing, etc.

Unique Industry Challenges Resolved

Each industry tends to have its own, particular set of thorny problems and resulting complex, customized applications. iTM1 is frequently the best solution due to its extremely flexible and powerful financial modeling capabilities, which can be mastered by business experts with only spreadsheet skills. More...

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