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iTM1 Customer Stories

Check out how some of our customers have gained the winning edge with Applix TM1 in their enterprise.


Aucnet, Inc. of Japan is a leading auctioneer of used vehicles in Japan, and the first company to develop used-vehicle auctions over satellite communications technology. Changes in the Japanese markets were affecting both new and used car sales. To address this change, Aucnet altered their overall strategy to attempt a revitalization of the market, by supporting their subscribers and help them be more competitive in their markets. "By providing them with the means for transaction-based computerization to increase their sales, we would improve the whole market and our own business," says Masamachi Kojima, Manager Network Systems Department of Aucnet, Inc. The challenge was to build a solution that was not only dealer friendly, but consumer friendly as well. The need for multiple search criteria, real-time search modification, and fast return of results were important issues to be resolved. Aucnet contacted Applix ALAP partner Nippon RAD, who had previously provided an Applix iTM1 solution for Analytics and Management Intelligence which had proved highly effective and popular. Nippon RAD developed an iTM1 client/server solution operating over a subscriber-only wide area network for Aucnet, building on iTM1�s strength in real-time data retrieval and optimization for multi-dimensional and alternative data searches. Four months after the decision was made to implement the iTM1 solution, the solution was released. Aucnet has been very pleased with the resulting iTM1 solution by Nippon RAD. Aucnet believes that the solution will produce a return on investment within the first year and expects to be making significant profits within three years. (Full Story...)

  Nortel Networks

Nortel (Northern Telecom) has been providing global telecommunications solutions for more than a century. The Business Planning team of Nortel�s Optical Networks business unit, which provides optical networking systems that carry more than 75 percent of the backbone Internet traffic in North America, is responsible for a budget planning process which is highly dynamic, and requires that updates must be made weekly, or even daily. Nortel and ALAP Armstrong Laing Group used Applix iTM1 to create a solution that helped free them from "spreadsheet overload" and allowed them to prioritize in real-time and raise customer satisfaction levels in the process. According to Nortel, the result was to "minimize the time we spend on database mechanics,and maximize the time we have for actually performing business analysis." (Full Story...)

  Agile Software

Agile Software has grown from a small start-up into the leading provider of web-enabled collaborative manufacturing commerce software for the out-sourced supply chain. They had outgrown their ability to model their business processes on spreadsheets and needed a tool that would enable them to collaborate and develop robust, flexible analysis models. They selected Applix iTM1 and ALAP partner Revelwood, Inc. to provide a solution that could handle their current needs and provide flexibility to handle future growth. Phase I was implemented "incredibly fast" and has improved analytical turnaround time and accuracy. "Applix iTM1 has already provided significant return on investment." (Full Story...)

  Smart & Final

Through acquisition and expansion, Smart & Final has become one of the top 100 retailers in the U.S. One side effect of this type of growth is an additional layer of complexity in the financial analysis process. Gathering data from divisions each with unique charts of accounts, systems, and operational constraints was a time-consuming and error-prone process. Smart & Final selected Applix iTM1 and ALAP partner Revelwood, Inc. to help them organize and analyze their financial and business data. iTM1 is used to gather data into a central repository from all divisions and subsidiaries, for financial reporting and consolidations, external reporting, budgeting, expense analysis, sales reporting and fixed asset analysis. In the first quarter, Smart & Final was able to reduce its monthly closing, analysis and review process by days, and their sales reporting time has been reduced by 70%. (Full Story...)

Aristocrat Leisure Industries

Aristocrat Leisure Industries selected Applix iTM1 and ALAP partner Dynamic Decisions Australia to provide the solution they required. TM1 was chosen on the basis of Paul Cavanagh-Downs' prior knowledge; nevertheless he felt that no other product had the flexibility to do in a very short time what Aristocrat needed. The only alternative to TM1 was more accounting staff, who even so might not have been able to achieve the same results. (More...)

AW Chesterton Co.

AW Chesterton Co. improves decision making with Applix TM1. According to CFO Bob Bowen, "It is clearly the core element of our financial information processing and distribution activity today. There is not a person - in sales, marketing, manufacturing, distribution - at corporate or in remote locations - who is not aware of the existence of our system and the financial capabilities it provides." CFO Bob Bowen. (More...)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company "needed a more organized manner in which to forecast sales and earnings, and a worldwide budgeting and forecasting system to support its 100-plus markets." They selected Applix iTM1 over Cognos and Hyperion "because of its functionality and cost advantages." (More...)

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young selected Applix iTM1 and ALAP partner Dynamic Decisions Australia to provide the solution they required. "In TM1 we found a product that gave the spreadsheet what it most obviously lacked, an integrated database. This meant we could get rid of all those dreaded forgot to link phrases and leverage off our existing investment in budget models and reports. We didn't wait for the IT people to get their act together, we'd found a solution in the nick of time and we went in boots and all. At least as much as a risk averse finance operation could." (More...)

iXL, Inc.

iXL's solution provides management with both real-time analytics and the ability to view and manipulate data in any way that it chooses. TM1's robust capabilities allow users to slice and dice information and perform on-demand calculations from any location in the company. iXL executives use TM1 as a graphical dashboard of corporate performance, drilling down from consolidated figures to see underlying detail data for each unit of the operation by region, function, and resource, as well as to view revenue figures. CTO Chen noted, "Being able to present our CEO with a consolidated dashboard view of the operations for the entire enterprise is vital to managing our multiple locations effectively. It was not simple, but it could be done well and quickly with TM1." (More...)

Ku-ring-gai Council

Ku-ring-gai Council selected Applix iTM1 and ALAP partner Dynamic Decisions Australia to provide the solution they required. Darren Condon chose TM1 not just because of his previous experience at State Forests of NSW, but more importantly, because of the exciting concept of being able to manipulate data in a rubic cube-like format to provide useful information at varying levels. This information was also compiled quickly and without a great deal of spreadsheet expertise. (More...)

Merchant Bank Henry Ansbacher & Co. Limited

Merchant Bank Henry Ansbacher & Co. delivers multi-company management reporting using TM1. According to Phil Remington, Assistant Director responsible for internal and external financial reporting, "Reporting speed and flexibility were impressive. Equally important, the product included powerful development tools enabling us, with Dimension's expertise, to tailor applications quickly to our precise needs." (More...)

MTV Networks

"I want my TM1" says MTV. MTV Networks that operates nine cable channels around the globe, including MTV, Nickelodeon, has successfully solved many of its financial data integrity problems by adopting TM1. (More...)

Ninety-Nine Restaurants and Pubs

Ninety-Nine Restaurants and Pubs goes multidimensional with Applix TM1. Glenn Boivin, director of MIS for Ninety-Nine Restaurants, is one of the primary users of TM1, and he accesses the application from his desktop several times a day. Boivin explains: "Not only does TM1 help us identify problem spots, but it helps us jump on and respond to those problems much faster than we could have before." (More...)

Occidental Chemical Corp.

Occidental Chemical Corp. speeds business analysis process using Applix TM1. TM1's power and flexibility have been of great value in mapping the business transformations that have changed the face of Oxychem in recent months...The arrival of Server 7, which increases the power and deployability of the product, will help continue TM1's contribution to Occidental prosperity in the tougher, more competitive times ahead. (More...)


With Applix TM1, Information Travels Faster. Reuters, the leading international news and information services company, is known for its intrepid style. It engaged in another exercise of daring when its UK and Ireland (UKI) accounting operations switched to TM1 during its peak busy period, the run up to the year-end close. (More...)

City of Sydney

The City of Sydney selected Applix iTM1 and ALAP partner Dynamic Decisions Australia to provide the solution they required. "TM1," concludes Chandralal Colombage, "makes you think what sort of information you want rather than putting up with what you can get, and it does it in an environment that's familiar, Excel." (More...)


VersaCold uses TM1 to integrate historical data with current projections. According to Gord Cook, Corporate Controller, "TM1 provides an excellent tool for budgeting. You can suck information out of the mainframes, pull in actuals, compare them to budget, and while you are going through the budget cycle, you get the update immediately. Rather than working with budget spreadsheets, and reentered the results on the mainframe, it does it all in one system. (More...)

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