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iEnterprise and iHelpDesk Year 2000 Compliance

We at Applix are aware of the concerns with potential problems many software applications face with the upcoming turn of the century - to wit, the "Year 2000" or Y2K compliance issue. Applix iEnterprise and iHelpDesk products have been engineered to be Y2K compliant.

The Applix Enterprise Version 6.x and Version 7.x code has been architected using 4 character years and 32-bit integer internal representation of dates to comply with Y2K functional requirements.

For further details, read the following pdf files:
Year 2000 Executed Test Plan for iEnterprise 6.x through 7.4.5 Technology

Applix iEnterprise Client Y2K Compliance Test Plan

Applix iEnterprise Client Test Results

The Applix iEnterprise and iHelpDesk applications utilize third party components. Please follow the links below for confirmation on Y2K compliancy on our third party products.

If you have any questions concerning Y2K compliancy, please contact Applix Customer Support at 508-870-0300, ext. 299.

Y2K Compliance from Third Party Vendors

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