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iCustomer.Advantage Brochure highlights the complete integrated solution set from Applix

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"We have the winning edge using OLAP technology from TM1."

 Benjamin Chen, CTO iXL Enterprises
Benjamin Chen
CTO iXL Enterprises

Product/Solution Overview

Applix provides iCustomer.Advantage solutions for companies that want to go from reactive to predictive in the way they manage their business. Our integrated suite of customer-centric solutions enables you to have a panoramic view of your customers through call centers, sales, service, and Internet. Understanding customer patterns and business life-cycles, and applying that knowledge to your business practices allows you to make intelligent business decisions. We call it Customer Driven PerformanceTM. The iCustomer.Advantage suite of products include the powerful combination of Applix iEnterprise, Applix iTM1, and Applix iHelpDesk. Together, these products allow your organization to be customer driven.


Web-Based Solutions for Customer Relationship Management

Managing your customer relationships starts with Applix iEnterprise, a suite of powerful applications that help you to drive your business and make informed decisions. iEnterprise is part of a total solution, integrating all aspects of your customer-related activities from sales to service to business analysis.

Applix iEnterprise suite of products runs on a variety of Windows, NT, UNIX and web-based platforms. There is no need to employ high cost consultants to customize and maintain your CRM environment. Its unique architecture requires no programming expertise to implement, customize, or deploy. Implementation occurs in a fraction of the time required by other applications. Applix iEnterprise has the highest functionality and the lowest cost of ownership of any CRM solution.


Real-time Multidimensional Analysis for Decision Support

Applix iTM1 client/server products afford a widely deployable OLAP environment for the real-time analytical processing. iTM1 enables users throughout the enterprise to leverage the power of the web to share information and collaborate, no matter where they are located. A knowledge worker needs only an understanding of the business, not the structure of the database to use the power of iTM1.


A New, Web-Based Approach to Expanding Support While Reducing Costs

Applix iHelpDesk is the supporting foundation of all the CRM solutions, streamlining the entry and resolution of internal problems, questions, and requests. Incorporating asset management, change management and caller training components, it provides the same resolution technologies as Applix iService, plus integration with leading knowledgebases and full web-based accessibility.

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