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The Applixware product family is a set of applications and technologies that enable users to solve problems, whether they need powerful desktop productivity applications or access to data from databases or other information sources.

Applixware Office & Applixware for Linux
A complete set of customizable office automation applications for the Linux, UNIX, and Windows desktops including word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, presentations and email.

Anyware Office
The first commercial applications solution that leverages Java to develop and deploy interactive business applications to networked desktops. Anyware. Anytime.

Applixware Option Packs
Gateways to the data you need to create powerful business applications:

Applix Real Time
Bring live stock feeds and manufacturing data into Applix Spreadsheets, Excel and your custom applications

Applix Data
Point-and-click access to relational database data

Applix Builder
A powerful RAD visual development environment that enables you to easily create custom business solutions.

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