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The Applixware for Linux Product Updates contain updates, fixes and corrections related to Applixware for Linux. Please make this the first place that you look to solve a problem that you are having with the package.

To find out whether you're running the Intel/glibc or Intel/libc5 version of Applixware, run the command:

grep WHAT_MACHINE2 /opt/applix/axdata/revstamp
(assuming you installed Applixware in /opt/applix).

If the output includes "Linux 2.0.32", then you're running the Intel/libc5 version of Applixware. If it includes "Linux 2.0.34", then you're running the Intel/glibc version of Applixware.

Applixware 4.4.1 for Linux

Applixware 4.4.2

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