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Free Support

In an effort to better support our customers Applix has launched the support web site. This site offers free support on all Applix Linux Division products. At you may ask questions, post problems and create your own interest lists of issues posted by other users. Applix Customer support engineers are monitoring and replying to all Applix related SmartBeak issues.

There are two additional forms of free support available from Applix. The first is a free FAQ document. The second is a mailing list forum for users of Applixware for Linux to interact with the user community and Applix support and development on bugs and how-to type questions.

Charged Support

Telephone help-desk support is offered to Applixware for Linux users requiring assistance with the applications (SUP-APP). For Linux developers requiring assistance with the use of Builder or ELF there is a separate agreement (SUP-DEV).

When calling Applix customer support you will be required to supply your product Serial Number (in some product documentation refered to as Unique Customer Number or UCN) as proof of purchase. It is therefore your responsibility to keep this number secret but in a place that you can find it if you need to call!

Product ID Description of Content Price
SUP-APP Telephone support, up to 3 calls not exceeding 45 minutes total.* $45
SUP-DEV Telephone support, up to 3 calls not exceeding 45 minutes total.* $99

You may purchase support online along with the program. Once this block of time or number of calls has been exceeded customers will be notified that their support time has been consumed. Repurchasing support time through the Applixware for Linux site will re-establish this facility.

* This item requires the provision of the UCN (Unique Customer Number).

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